Top Most Expensive Watch Brands 2024

The most costly watch companies dominate the luxury wristwatch market in terms of workmanship, elegance, and price. 

These companies adhere to historical watchmaking traditions, have a long history, pioneering, unique features, and employ high-quality materials. 

Continue reading to discover the world's most costly watch brands and what distinguishes them from other luxury watches.

F.P. Journe Starting price: $30,000.

The most expensive watch costs $1,167,000.

F. P. Journe tops our list of most costly watch brands. Founded in 1999 by François-Paul Journe, his timepieces adhere to the 18th-century watchmaking heritage of discovery and workmanship. 

Journe commented, "My philosophy will never change... how could I ever consider making watches that do not respect the fundamental values of high horology?" It's just not doable.

In 1992, he designed his first wristwatch using a remontoire technique he had previously developed for a pocket watch. This finally formed the concept for the Tourbillon Souverain watches, which were a huge success when they debuted in 1999.

Richard Mille

Starting Price: $30,000.

The most expensive watch costs $2,000,000.

Richard Mille had worked in the watchmaking industry since 1974. His desire to develop groundbreaking luxury timepieces prompted him to begin his own company in 1999. Mille built his first clock in 2001 where he incorporated techniques and materials used when making aircraft and F1 racing vehicles. 

One of the brand's initial slogans was 'a racing machine on the wrist'. Mille merged his passion of Swiss watchmaking history with technologically advanced materials.

He created his brand's look with a tonneau-shaped casing that mimics a barrel. Because the components are curved, these watches are difficult and expensive to manufacture. Every item must fit exactly together to prevent moisture or dust from entering.

Patek Philippe.

Starting Price: $18,000.

The most expensive watch costs $11,000,000.

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 by Antoine Norbert de Patek and is the only independent, family-owned Genevan watchmaker. Patek was attracted by Geneva's rich watchmaking heritage, and the company still pursues classic Genevan watchmaking to this day.

 Patek hired French watchmaker Jean Adrien Philippe in 1845 after discovering Philippe's innovation of a system for winding a watch's movement without the use of a separate key. The idea of a keyless movement was so innovative that modern watch winding mechanisms still use this design concept.

Patek promoted 'artisanal excellence, the extravagant decorating of watches with engravings, enameling processes, and precious stones that convert them into magnificent pieces of art'. 

Philippe stressed the development of the watch's fundamental movements and complications. In 1977, Philippe Stern, the CEO of Patek Philippe, recognized that classic mechanical watches could only compete with quartz watches if they were genuinely high-end products, equivalent to works of art. 

Patek Philippe has its own R&D team that creates all of the movements and exterior components for their timepieces in-house. The firm considers all of its timepieces to be one-of-a-kind products with their own quality seal to indicate their superiority and trustworthiness.

The dial has Arabic hour markings, moon phases, and a tachymeter scale. Phillips, a luxury watch collecting website, describes the ref. 1618 as having 'classic style, elegance, and state-of-the-art advances', and possessing one is 'a privilege experienced by just a very lucky few'.

Audemars Piguet - Starting price: $15,000

The most expensive watch costs $869,000.

Audemars Piguet was founded in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet. They were inspired by the stunning natural splendor of Switzerland's Vallée de Joux.

The brand combined ancient watchmaking principles with growing technology talents to produce an extraordinary work of art.

From 1882 to 1892, more than 80% of their watches had at least one complication, and in many cases, many. 

When the Royal Oak Offshore was initially launched in 1993, it was deemed unusually big for its day, measuring 42mm. This watch exuded toughness and resilience, eventually capturing the attention of superstars such as Jay-Z and altering watch trends.

On the 40th anniversary of their Royal Oak watch in 2012, Audemars Piguet unveiled the brand's latest consensus: 'To break the rules, you must master them'.

According to CEO Philippe Mark, this phrase captures the heart of the Audemars Piguet brand concept. While the watches we manufacture demonstrate our respect for the traditions of handcrafted timepieces, we are also a contemporary, progressive brand known for technological advances, the daring use of new materials, and creative designs.

Audemars Piguet's most costly watch is the Royal Oak Complication, priced at $869,000. This watch features an 18-carat white gold body, 52 jewel movements, and a clear sapphire case back. 

Vacheron Constantin

Starting price: $15,000.
The most expensive watch costs $11,000,000.

Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1755, is the world's oldest quality watch maker. In 1790, they are credited with inventing the first known complexities for days and dates. 

They also created the first six quarter-repeater watches, which can strike the hours and quarters when the wearer desires. When Georges Auguste joined the firm in 1839, he was able to standardize the watch's movements into calibers, which transformed the wristwatch industry.

Since 1901, Vacheron Constantin timepieces have carried the Geneva hallmark, indicating that they adhere to Genevan craftsmanship traditions. All of their timepieces are guaranteed to be long-lasting, perform flawlessly, and contain ethically produced components.

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