Honda Displays Two Concepts at CES, One of Which Is Scheduled For Production

Honda's new electrified range appears to have been lifted from a futuristic film from the 1980s. These two concept automobiles, appropriately titled Space-Hub and Saloon, demonstrate the direction of Honda's 0 Series.

Making these concepts even more intriguing, Honda has stated that a production version of the Saloon will be available in 2026 and will be the first production vehicle of the new 0 Series.

Starting with the Saloon idea, it's evident that the designing crew was inspired by historical wedge designs from the past (maybe GM's dustbuster minivans?) and perhaps seen Blade Runner.

According to Honda, this crazy idea is built on an electric vehicle chassis. The business hasn't specified a potential battery capacity or motor architecture, but it's reasonable to presume it'll be a dual-motor model. The Saloon idea also has steer-by-wire, which will most likely be included in the final version.

The company's Space-Hub concept is being kept under wraps for the time being. Powertrain information, like those of the Saloon, are restricted. However, unlike the Saloon, Honda has not confirmed that this future people mover would be produced.

According to Honda, the Space-Hub's cabin is both roomy and adaptable, allowing it to serve as both a people mover and a cargo van. In addition, the Space-Hub has a crazy parameter back lighting design that surrounds the rear gate.

It's unlikely that the Space-Hub will be produced alongside the Saloon, but the current trend of Honda concepts should give Space-Hub aficionados optimism. Regardless, Honda intends to debut a new "H mark" emblem with forthcoming EV models, which will include the production Saloon.

The production versions of the complete 0 Series should be intriguing, given how outlandish these concepts appear. Hopefully, we'll learn more about the engine of this new battery-electric platform shortly, but we'll know for sure what's beneath the Saloon by 2026. That is, assuming Honda achieves its own standards.

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