Pokémon's Collaborative Van Gogh Project Descends into Chaos as Scalpers Infiltrate Museum

 A heartwarming collaboration between Pokémon and the Van Gogh Museum quickly descended into chaos as scalpers swarmed the location in pursuit of an exclusive Pikachu trading card.

According to VGC, the exhibition, which opened on September 28 with the aim of inspiring children and young people to explore Van Gogh's artistry, has already witnessed videos emerging online, revealing the museum packed with scalpers.

The sought-after "Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat" card, featuring Pikachu in the style of Van Gogh's "Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat," has already been listed on eBay over 100 times, with prices ranging from $100 to $1,500.

"This makes me so sad and is why we can't have nice things," expressed Joe Merrick, the head of the Pokémon news website Serebii (pictured above). "I saw so many people wanting to visit in the first few days just to obtain any card and merchandise for resale. This is not an acceptable practice. If you engage in such behavior, shame on you."

The cards were originally intended to be accessible for free, as part of an enjoyable quest designed for children. The quest guided them through Van Gogh's paintings and their associated stories, involving collecting clues and completing a quiz along the way.

However, the availability of the "Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat" card is now contingent on supply, potentially allowing children and their families to appreciate the exhibition once scalpers disperse. The special exhibit is scheduled to run until January 7, 2024.

Furthermore, a handful of other exclusive Pikachu items, including a plush toy, figure, and tote bag, have been listed on eBay at prices significantly higher than what they are sold for in the Van Gogh Museum.

Pokémon has a history of collaborations, encompassing official Pokémon skateboards, Katy Perry tracks, Tamagotchis, and even partnerships with commercial airlines.

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